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A simple online store for businesses with a fixed monthly fee and no sales commission.
We have no interest in your taking your profits.
Try ReadyBasket. No payment taken for 14 days.
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Why ReadyBasket?

If you use WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook for sales and want to streamline order management and data reporting, try ReadyBasket – your all-in-one solution for instant online stores.

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But I can just build a website

You can use Wix, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, or hire a web developer to build your online store. ReadyBasket combines the best features of these options and aims to assist you in selling your products online. Plus, with ReadyBasket, there are no commission fees on your sales.

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How do we compare?

Our design is professional, like Wix and Shopify. We simplify store setup, like Etsy. Provide quick selling, like eBay. Works with or without a private domain, like JustEat. ReadyBasket is consantly being updated becuase we are web developers!
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Online Payments

With online payments, you can charge customers instantly or collect payment on delivery day. Some vendors prefer to call customers on the day of delivery to collect payment, aligning with our instant online store approach.

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Delivery Times

This includes your store hours and daily delivery limits. You'll handle deliveries, but we assist in scheduling with your customers.

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Get email and SMS alerts for every order to stay on top of things. If customers reply to emails, they'll be forwarded to your chosen email, and you'll receive an SMS alert to keep your customers satisfied.

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We're data enthusiasts at ReadyBasket. As you gather orders and gain momentum, our reports help you spot trends like monthly top sellers, popular Friday items, and your top 5 repeat customers. Easily download these reports as Excel sheets.

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We focus on the sales part of your business. Less design decisions means more time focussing on selling your products. However, you can still add a custom logo, a custom home page background and control your home page content.
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No Minimum Term

We won't lock you in. You can download all your data anytime, including homepage content, product info, customer details, and orders. It's yours, not ours. We're also developing an "RBexit" button for easy migration to another provider. 😊

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Easy for vendors

An instant online store lets you start selling right after registration. You can later add your own domain, set up online payments, add home page content, and configure delivery/collection options.

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Easy for your customers

New customers can easily place an order with no "sign up" or "log in" barriers. On their first order, they're automatically signed up and emailed a new password, which they can reset anytime. We also offer a "share my basket" feature for added fun.

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Get involved!

Is ReadyBasket complete? Not quite! We have ongoing work and welcome vendor suggestions for new features . If your idea is accepted, you get to use it for free, while others will pay to use it.

Pricing plans / Sign up


Sign up and start selling immediately without any extra configuration.


Get starter plan

List up to 100 items
Customise logo and front page
Email notifications
Sales reporting
Pay by phone
Allow customers to share baskets
Download your data anytime

Professional MOST

Everything included in ReadyBasket Stater plus much more.

£25.00 /month

Buy professional plan

Connect your own domain
List unlimited items
Accept online payments
Telegram SMS notifications
Create discount coupons for customers
Customisable delivery dates
Customise your customer emails
Real time in-app sales notifications
Google analytics connector

Professional +

Everything included in ReadyBasket Professional + one or more add-ons.

Custom pricing

Contact us

Connect your own domain
SMS Phone notifications
Custom reports
Personal SendGrid Email Account
Export to Wordpress
Host on your own server
Product updates

We are still growing!

Here are a few numbers to show you where we are... and where we want to be.